Charting new waters

From the old Saléns, a bouquet of new companies emerged, often with Sven and Christer as major shareholders. Alongside this, both old and new businesses developed in areas such as aviation, trade, travel, and logistics. After Sven and Christer split the businesses up in 1985, when Christer moved to London, investments were often made separately and sometimes jointly.

Around the turn of the millennium, generation two handed over to generation three, which has since developed its respective businesses further into new areas, but with continued focus on entrepreneurship, international growth, and a continued curiosity to take on new industries and businesses.

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Sea Cloud is among the ships on which Noble Caledonia offers cruises to its customers. Four masts and 30 sails make it seem a vintage sailing ship but it was built as recently as in the 1920s by American financier Edward F. Hutton for his wife, cereal heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post. The ship has room for 60 passengers in luxury cabins.

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