Three generations of enterprise

In October 1915, amidst the raging World War, Sven Salén purchased his first ship and embarked on his journey as an entrepreneur. Since then, approximately 200 companies have passed through the family sphere. Our hallmark today, much like in Sven Salén’s initial venture, is entrepreneurship, curiosity about new businesses, the joy of witnessing a venture grow — but also making time for other pursuits. Such as winning a bronze medal in sailing at the 1936 Olympics in Kiel or receiving the Svenska Dagbladet’s distinction medal in 1927 after triumphing in the Gold Cup Races in Oyster Bay, USA.

Although the ownership of the businesses is now divided between two family branches, we hold a deep pride in our shared history and see value in presenting it here. For those interested in what each branch is currently engaged in, there are links available on the page “Salén Today”.